Happy Tails

Letter from a next door neighbor

We live next door to Paws Ranch Rescue, so owning only two dogs is the first miracle I will tell you about. The second is the story of how one of these miracles saved my life. The first dog my husband and I adopted was a Chihuahua mix we named Snoopy. A good Samaritan brought him in after finding him running around on the highway. We fell in love with him immediately and decided we had to adopt him! We thought our family was complete until one day Ashley, the director at the rescue, introduced us to Sandy. We decided to foster her, but it only took two days to decide that she belonged in our family!

Never in a million years would I think that Snoopy would save my life. It was the night of September 4th 2016, my husband retired to the bedroom and I stayed up watching TV in the living room. I remember coughing and struggling to breathe before passing out. My husband was awoken by Snoopy barking loudly and running back and fourth from the living room to the bedroom. After a few minutes of this unusual behavior he followed Snoopy to the living room where I was lying on the floor unconscious breathing raggedly. He called 911 immediately and I was rushed to the hospital. Three days later I woke up in the intensive care unit. The doctor said if it was not for Snoopy I would have died within thirty minutes of becoming unconscious. I had a severe asthma attack and pneumonia.

I was very touched when my husband told me how Snoopy saved my life. I will be forever thankful to our precious, intelligent, and loving little Angels. Please, consider adopting a pet in need. Your pet will repay you 100 fold. Snoopy and sandy show us so much love, loyalty, and companionship.

Not only do we owe the paramedics, doctors, and nurses a huge thank you, we owe it to Ashley. She made our family complete. She is truly an amazing woman. She has the biggest heart for saving homeless pets. She is a very special person with endless patience. She gets up every day and takes care of all the dogs at the shelter and works very hard to find them good homes. She never complains about all the hard work she puts into it. She is truly an angel.

Many Thanks from the Behrends,

Bruce, Beth, Snoopy, and Sandy